On the fourth day of Christmas: Ephemeral New York

Christmas tree

You could spend hours browsing the photos and traveling back in time at Ephemeral New York.

The photo above is from “Which city park hosted the first Christmas tree?”  New York City during the holidays is transcendent, no matter what the century.

Years ago, I jogged past Carl Shurtz Park every day, but I never knew Peter Pan lived there.

Nine Barrow Street in Greenwich Village bears a version of my husband’s family name, in honor of an inventive Irish blacksmith. I found that out when I read, “A village monument to a 19th century blacksmith.”

There are 75 posts about out-of-date guidebooks.

And 45 posts about defunct department stores.

Many a bittersweet tale, as well:  “The Tragedy of the Loveliest Woman in America” and “Notes Pinned to Babies at the Foundling Asylum.”

You could write a book about each and every post at Ephemeral New York.

Photo: Bain News Service