Published Writing

Photo by Jim Montanus

I’m at work on a coming-of-age memoir about how a mother’s mental illness can both hinder and inspire a daughter’s growth as a woman and as a writer.

At Books Can Save a Life, I share remarkable literary fiction and nonfiction: books and writers that have touched my life in a personal, meaningful way.

I write and produce “From Where I Stand,” an audio nature series, and my poetry has been published in online and print journals.


Library Journal: “Reading and Living the Creative Life”  May 15, 2013


From Where I Stand – A nature series on A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments.

#1 “Water Bewitched”

#2 “The Ancient Ones”

#3 “Adrift”


Great Lakes Review cover

“At Casa Guidi,” Loveliest Magazine, Winter 2016

“My Sicily,” Mediterranean Poetry, Winter 2016

“Confession,” Origins, Fall 2015

“Nadezhda, If You Were Here,” Great Lakes Review, Fall 2013 and Verse-Virtual June 2015

“City Beautiful,” Great Lakes Review, Fall 2013 and Soul-Lit, Winter 2016

“Our House,” Writer Online, 2000


Writer Online: “Confessions of a Shadow Artist”  2000

Democrat & Chronicle: “Virginia Woolf, Mental Illness & ‘The Hours'” 2002

Writer Online: “Tomcat” 2003


“Simplify and Persist” Creative Nonfiction, August 2016

Depression Getaway, July 2016


Three educational books for children, Franklin Watts/Grolier


H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Artist’s Residency 2018

Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, Artist’s Residency 2004

Honorable Mention, “Looking for Grace” (Personal Essay) Writer’s Digest 2002

The National Alliance for Mental Illness, New York State: Exceptional Public Awareness Award 1993

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