Bookstores (of course) and tombs in Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Cuspide Libros

We visited Recoleta, a well-to-do neighborhood in Buenos Aires, and browsed at Cúspide Libros, a popular chain in Argentina. Here we found a collection spanning many subjects – politics, history, travel, art, design, cooking, current fiction and nonfiction, the classics, and more.

Cúspide Libros is in an upscale shopping mall.  In the U.S., you might not expect to find a bookstore with such a broad, deep selection of titles.

Our traveling companions, who live in New York City, commented that Buenos Aires seems especially devoted to bookstores and reading.

La Recoleta Cemetary is across the street, where many Argentinian notables have elaborate tombs. It’s a fascinating place, a dense grid of narrow walkways lined with mausoleums, some crumbling and in disrepair, others pristine. Despite the somewhat morbid undertones, it’s quiet and peaceful, a stunning outdoor art gallery.

Recolate angel

recoleta statue

Mother and children statue

Recoleta vault

recoleta angel

Recoleta cemetary

Recoleta angel

Recoleta cemetary

Eva Peron's final resting place
Eva Peron’s final resting place

Visiting Buenos Aires

Angel sculpture

Angels, and poetry in the streets.