Let’s Talk about Hunger Games, the movie

“So what happens when we go back?”

“We try to forget.”

“I don’t want to forget.”

I read a review of The Hunger Games last night after I got home from the theater.

Sometimes I wonder if the critics and I are watching the same movie.

I’d rather hear what you think.

Let’s talk about The Hunger Games movie. Leave your comments below. Who wants to go first?

10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Hunger Games, the movie”

  1. I haven’t been to see the film yet, but I am much more inclined to do so now that I’ve read these comments. Reading HG was one of the more enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a while (although I didn’t feel the same way about the sequels), so it’s good to know that it translated well to the big screen.

  2. I was interested in reading everyone’s comments. I felt the same as all of you about the movie.I really liked how they did the part when the tributes first started out in the arena. I was also afraid that I might not like how some of the killings were depicted. ( I can read all of this gore but do not like actually seeing it played out !!) I think I think they did a great job of not showing things dead on…but kind of blurred it at times. Peeta was always my favorite..(.but Val yes Gale was the hunk)…and I also liked him in the book. Being a person who has to use a motion sickness patch to fly and take dramamine to ride in the back seat of a car…I got really nauseated at the movie. All in all I think the movie followed the book very well and the parts they changed or left out were not detramental to the movie. With one exception… I also want to see how they play out the injury in the second movie…that was a big part in the first book. I would like to see it again (this time with a motion sickness pill..LOL) and see if I missed anything. Thanks for the opportunity to tell how I fully enjoyed the movie.
    I enjoy your page, Val….thanks

    1. I agree, I like that they didn’t focus on the blood and gore of the killings, although some have criticized that – I think we get the message and that we understand the trauma through seeing the characters’ reactions. Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. I went to the midnight showing also, with a group of my family/friends. I went into the movie ready to criticize everything. I will even admit that I was already angry at the filmmakers because of the changes I already knew about from interviews. (Eliminating the character Madge, and the supposed “love triangle” they were going to play up.) But once the movie began, I relaxed and ended up really enjoying it! The one part that did make me really upset for some reason is the salute. We all know it’s not supposed to originate in District 12!
    I really liked how they added that command center and the dialog to explain the things we read as Katniss’ thoughts. I think anything that was added to the movie only made it better. I have to remember that not everyone read the books and things like that are necessary for people to understand what is going on. I am curious to see how things play out in the second movie since a certain character didn’t get injured as badly as he/she is supposed to.( I hope that doesn’t spoil anything!)
    As for the camera action, or whatever you want to call it, the only part I really felt they could have eased up on that is in the beginning, when Distract 12 was being shown. Other than that, I liked how it ended up.

    1. I liked the command center too, that was really effective. The salute totally confused me – I didn’t expect it there, either, and I thought it was supposed to be a really dramatic part later on. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I will be seeing her tonight at a family birthday party for Kayla and will mention it to her! I totally agree with your view of a strong female role with Katniss. At the end of the trilogy, I wished she would end up with the “other” guy, but when I think back on it, he ended up being a not so nice person.

    1. Thanks for not putting in a spoiler.
      It will be interesting to see how they handle things in the final movie. I did feel the author (Collins) could have done a better job with how things end up – some abrupt character changes happen. But, then again, if you think about what they all went through……
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. A group of us went to see if Thursday at midnight. I really loved the book and was nervous about seeing the movie. I’ve been disappointed so many times in the past by the changes made from book to movie that were not necessary.I always go into the theatre knowing that the film makers have limited time to recreate the book, but think they sould stick to the basics. I was very pleasantly surprised!!
    I think the movie did the book justice. The districts were depicted as I imagined them to be. A great job was done in casting of the film and focused on the important parts in the book – although I wasn’t a fan of Peeta in the book, he grew on me while watching the movie 🙂 The very minor changes that were made did not bother me at all. I am looking foward to the other two books being made into movies now! The only complaint that I had was some of the filming was “fast moving” and made me and a number of people who have watched it motion sick, but I’d definately see it again!

    1. I really liked the movie, too. I read a reviewer in the New York Times who had a lot of complaints about it but I didn’t feel that way. Basically, I was riveted for the entire movie. I almost wish they would have lingered more over some of the scenes and in depicting some of the characters – I found myself wanting more. I loved the Panem scenes and the strange looking, decadent citizens and I liked the talk show and how underneath what was being spoken there was such a heartlessness to it all.
      I’ve always like Peeta – and I liked him in the movie, even though I find Gale a total hunk and I always liked him, too. What I like about Peeta is that he is extraordinarily mature and thoughtful and kind, but he also is vulnerable and not as strong as Katniss in some ways. It is a breath of fresh air to have the woman take on the typical “male” role as she often does. To have the woman strong sometimes in roles that might be thought of as male, and the man strong in roles that might be thought of as typically female. It’s just more realistic, it’s the way life is and the way relationships are. I think in terms of self-knowledge, Peeta is far more mature than Katniss.
      Yes, I got seasick, too. I was surprised Andrew, felt the same way, too, about the photography. I thought being younger he’d be used to it, but he felt it was unnecessary and extreme.
      Thanks for commenting! Do you think our librarian-to-be niece might want to say a few words?

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