Packing for Paris


I try to make my traveling adventures reading adventures, too. We’re headed to Paris to see our son, with a two-day stop in London, my first visit to both cities.

Then we’ll go to Metz, France for a couple of days, with a road trip to Luxembourg City. In World War II, my father fought in the battle of Metz, and we think we’ve figured out approximately where he was wounded (on November 14, 1944). So we’ll investigate and see what we find.

My father spent a weekend in Luxembourg City just before the battle and had an interesting story to tell about that, which I’ll share in an upcoming post.

Metz, France (Wikipedia)
Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City (Wikipedia)

Besides Gertrude Stein, Irene Nemirovsky and our trusty travel guides, I’m bringing Henry Miller and Ernest Hemingway. (No books related to London because I won’t be able to contain myself in the bookstores.)

Tropic of Cancer book cover
One of the most banned books in history

A Movable Feast Book Cover

I’ll share my impressions, literary and otherwise, in upcoming posts.

Which books or authors would you recommend to a reader visiting France? Please comment!

10 thoughts on “Packing for Paris”

  1. Have a great trip, Val. I owe you my list of fave books set in Paris. I’ve ready a number of them… need to get out my list to share. I hope you find everything you’re looking for in the UK and France with much joy and ease! Can’t wait to hear more when you return.

  2. Jealous! Have a wonderful time and take some of Colette’s later works (or indeed anything by her!)

  3. I KNOW YOU WILL HAVE AN AWESOME TRIP !!!!!!! Somewtime i need a correct email address for you. please. ENJOY , ENJOY !!!!! Love Bonnie Y

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