My Favorite Things

I’m trying something new.

Once or twice a month I’ll share newsy items, links to some of my favorite blogs about books, writing, and creativity, and whatever else strikes my fancy that I think you might like.

Here is what’s caught my eye lately:

  • A short, beautiful video, “Lessons from Flowers,” that is a narrative about death and loss. Larisa Minerva at Wildest Blue says we could stand to change our attitudes about death. My next post will feature a new memoir about death and dying.

67 Shots


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Things”

  1. p.s. There is a lovely Japanese film, Departures, about death and dying and flowers and it is really quite special. You may enjoy it. Americans tend to have such a creepy view of death, in my opinion, and this was one of such gentleness, beauty, and sustaining one another.

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