Summer evening meditation, week 1

Tonight I attended the first of five mindfulness-based stress reduction classes, which include instruction in meditation. Four years ago, I took a similar series of classes; this summer I hope to renew and re-commit to my meditation practice.

We followed our breath for several minutes. We ate a raisin, mindfully. We practiced the body scan (progressive relaxation of each part of the body, preferably while lying down.) I thought I was totally relaxed, lying on my yoga mat on the hardwood floor. But when our instructor read Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Summer Day,” I found myself lying in a field of grass, giving myself up to it as if I were a kid.

That was my second encounter with Mary Oliver today. The first occurred in my wanderings around the Internet, where I found out she will publish a new book of poems this fall, “A Thousand Mornings.”

When I came home from class, my son had just arrived with fresh-picked raspberries. I ate some with whipped cream. Mindfully, of course.

Image by madlyinlovewithlife     Creative Commons 2.0

6 thoughts on “Summer evening meditation, week 1”

  1. Val, you teach me so well. Through your actions and loves, I learn to stop, to listen to self, and to be more mindful. You have graced me with so many pleasures over the years,namely the gift of your mind. Your blog and its connection to the books we love is such a right fit for you. You are a delight to read, and a gifted writer. Right now, I’m feeling divinely grateful for you. And I SO want a bowl of berries now too.

  2. Wonderful Val, the photo image makes me drool !!! i just ate a little “gummy fruit snack ” Nothing like what you described…. Thanks for the wonderful conversation & the shared dinner last week . We’ll have to be Mindful & do this more often…. Also a reminder the NIA book club will meet after Sat. class . The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ” Hope you can make it ! Thanks Bonnie Y

  3. What a beautiful practice inspired by your son’s gesture, mindfully tasting raspberries, sounds delightful.

    I hope you enjoy Yoko Ogawa’s exquisite novel, I read it earlier this year and loved it, a kind of meditaton in itself in fact. Oh and I’ve just put up my Prodigal Summer review if you would like to pop over and have a read.

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