Summer morning meditation, week 2

Pond with Buddha
Meditation at the pond, 7:30 am.

For my mindfulness meditation class, this week we are to record one pleasurable moment each day.  Here are two:

Friday morning: helping a medical student find information about adolescent health. Enjoying her youth, beauty, enthusiasm, the unfolding of her potential. She will help many people.

Saturday morning: visiting the backyard pond, enjoying the coolness.

I’m thinking that a great book to read, lying in the hammock next to the pond, would be The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by Matsuo Basho.

Please share your recent moments of pleasure in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Summer morning meditation, week 2”

  1. A short blog between the long, what a novel idea. I’m almost done self-publishing my first book but my blogs, usually once a week, since January have been sparse due to lack of time. Short pieces away from my topic of PTSD might have shown them more of my interests.

    Helping a young student find research and being aware of her fresh curiosity and presence was refreshing. This is another area of beauty we often forget to “see.” And a meditation pool, how I envy you. It’s beautiful and I can only dream of such a place. Thank you for showing me another side of this life we live. l0l

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