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Books, writing, creativity, cool media and other delights….

  • Walking book clubs. Did you know these existed? Here are a couple in the UK hosted by two book bloggers who write fabulous reviews: Emily’s Walking Book Club with Daunt Books – turns out the one and only time I’ve been in London we went to Daunt Books, where we browsed for over an hour. Wish I’d known about Emily then, I’d have tried to connect with her; and  The Northern Reader – see also her Flower Power if you love gardening, flowers and nature lit.
  • Book spine poetry. A few weeks back in honor of April being National Poetry Month, I wrote some book spine poetry and asked readers to share theirs. Here is what Naomi at Consumed by Ink came up with. I love her little poems. Try it yourself, and if you’ve created book spine poetry you like, please share in the comments.
  • A good book. My favorite book bloggers always give me titles to add to my to-read list. I love this review of Hill by the French writer Jean Giono that Melissa wrote at The Bookbinder’s Daughter.
  • Instagram flat lays. I’ve been messing around with photography lately, teaching myself to do still lifes of books, flowers, and whatnot, and posting some of it on Instagram. I adore Cristina Coli’s floral work on IG, and enjoyed her “A Day of Creative Connection” blog post recently.

Have a great week!

litricity: a potent form of energy generated by great literature – – from Powell’s Compendium of Readerly Terms

April Lit
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, by Edith Holden. First entry, January 1, 1906.




13 thoughts on “My Favorite Things”

    1. Glad you found me. I tend to read a lot of nonfiction in addition to fiction, and sometimes titles that apply to the business world but that have a lot to say to all of us. There are a couple of books I just finished that I really like – one is Deep Work by Cal Newport and the other is Presence by Amy Cuddy.

  1. I hate the feeling when you realize that you visited a special place, and didn’t found out until later that it was even more special than you thought. I hope at some point you can connect with Emily. I’ll follow you on Instagram!

  2. I love posts about bloggers’ favourite things!
    I have never heard of walking book clubs, but what a good idea – combining 2 of my own favourite things.
    Thanks for sharing my book spine poetry post – it was so much fun! I hope to do some more when I get a chance.
    Your instagram pictures are beautiful. I have yet to join instagram, but seeing everyone’s photos of books and other things makes me think I might not be able to resist it much longer.
    Litricity – a new favourite word!

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