Books Can Save a Life: most viewed posts in 2013

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Attractions in 2013

These are the Books Can Save a Life posts that got the most views in 2013.

I was gratified to see three of my most popular posts are about having a family member who suffers from mental illness. Early in the new year I’ll be writing about Susan Nathiel’s new book, Sons of Madness: Growing Up and Older with a Mentally Ill Parent. There is still very little written about the experience of having a mother or father with a mental illness; Susan’s book is an important contribution.

5 thoughts on “Books Can Save a Life: most viewed posts in 2013”

  1. Happy New Year Valorie. It is interesting to seeing the staying power of certain posts and sometimes they come from year’s previous, which seems to highlight topics that people are searching for, for which there is no time factor, they are universally of interest and not subject so much to when they actually appear. It must be very satisfying to have put out there posts with such value, that continue to attract an audience who can benefit from them. Well done for creating and sharing such nourishing thoughts.

    And then there is 1920’s Paris sneaking in there – how delightful!

    Bonne Continuation Valorie, I look forward to many more delightful posts from you. Thank you too for your continuous support of Word By Word. 🙂

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